ROMEX® Kunstharzprodukte für den Bereich Industrieboden und Abdichtungstechnik                                                                     Synthetic resin products for the industrial flooring and sealing technology

JUTEC Biegesysteme - Immer eine Biegung voraus                           bending systems – Always one bending ahead               

Being a global wholesaler and purchasing agent with abundant experience, we cooperate with thousands of qualified manufacturers that are under international quality certification. Thus we can offer our worldwide clients products in different business lines such as raw materials, machines, electronics, telecommunication products, apparel, textiles, gifts and crafts, home appliances and supplies, toys, and computer components. In case that you can not find the products needed from our catalog, we would like to be your purchasing agent for specialized products searching, price negotiation, order following up, quality inspection, logistic and warehouse arrangement. 

Our Machines

Our complete factories Plant

Offering used or new factories and Plants.
The organization and establishment of entire second-hand or new plants and factories for your products.

- Construction Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Plastics Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Print and Paper Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Woodworking Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Textile Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Special Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Recycling and Waste disposal Machines and complete Plant

- Energy & Engines- Power Generators and complete Plants

- Medical Equipment Machines and complete Hospital

- Agricultural – Machines and complete Factories Plant

- Food Machines and complete Plant

- Incineration  Machines and complete Plant

- Reffienries for Oil and Bio-Diesel

- Water dressing plants and purification complete plants

- Metal working Machines and complete Plant

- Computer and office equipment

- Surplus goods

- Raw materials

- Business contacts

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